Organic Waste Recycling

FLYFARM works with partners to recycle organic waste, produce protein and reduce emissions.

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Driven by Technology

FLYFARM designs and supplies highly automated BSFL insect farming systems worldwide and operates insect bioconversion facilities in Australia.

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Insect Protein

FLYFARM grows our Black Soldier Fly Larvae to bioconvert the nutrients in organic waste into sustainable protein, oil and frass bio-fertiliser

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Our Products


Live Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae are a nutritious feed source to supplement a pet or reptile diet. Rich in protein & calcium, improving bone & egg strength.

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100% natural oven-dried FlyFarm black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) are a tasty, nutritious source of essential amino acids, fats and minerals to various livestock.

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100% natural, a defatted high quality protein meal made from sustainably reared BSFL. Rich in amino acids and minerals. An ideal replacement for wild caught fishmeal.

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Black Soldier Fly (BSF) insect oil provides high content of beneficial fats, minerals and antioxidants to various livestock, replacing less sustainable oils in their feeds.

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Frass is the leftover from the bio-conversion and rearing process and can be used as an organic fertiliser, loaded with digestate, exoskeletal and castings of BSF Larvae.

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Waste Solutions

FlyFarm specialises in upcycling organic waste by harnessing the power of insects – the natural converters of organic waste in nature. We are able to process a wide variety of food waste and by-products coming from agriculture and food-processing.

We are building long term waste supply partnerships – contact us if you are interested to learn how we could help you find better uses for your organic waste and improve your company’s sustainability scoring.

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Our Impact

FlyFarm aims to fully participate in the pursuit of  the UN Sustainability Goals. Acting as a sustainable global citizen and do everything in it’s power to help protect the earth from excess natural capital destruction and damage from human consumption.

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