Waste Partnerships

For Waste – we partner with waste processors, farm growers, food processors, breweries, supermarket chains, municipalities and others to find innovative ways to upcycle organic waste into sustainable protein, oil and frass, generate value and abate GHG emissions.

FlyFarm partners with local governments with the mission to reduce FoGo organic food waste going to landfill, reduce emissions and develop local high tech agri business jobs.


FlyFarm collaborates with James Cook University for Genetics and is industry partner to several CRC research organisations.
FlyFarm is open to collaborations on academic research in the field of Biology, Entomology and Data science.


Customer Partnerships

We view our Customers as our partners – as the world of feed and food production becomes familiar with insect protein and oil – we support our customers during their early stage trials and testing all the way through to commercial launch and beyond.

Our Partners

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